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From a tiny (Snap)seed...

Last June, Kendra and I went with my boss and his wife to Acadia, which I wrote about at the time (1, 2, 3). What I did not do at the time was post any photos. My aging computer gets a little sluggish running iPhoto and Photoshop Elements, which leads to an intimidating photo backlog as I constantly postpone the editing process.

Then my dad got me an iPad, and I downloaded two apps: Snapseed and Flickr Studio ($5 each, though Snapseed was free at the time). Snapseed is a tight little editing program, with sensitive, intuitive touch-adjustment of things like contrast and white balance, plus an assortment of Instagrammy effects filters; Flickr Studio is clunkier, but offers easy tagging and uploading to Flickr. This means I can tag and edit photos on the bus, while watching TV, sitting in Diesel...which means I tag and edit more photos. It's my version of knitting.

Long story short, here's a sampling of last year's Acadia pix. There's another 300 or so in the Flickr set.

This twisted tree from our Mount Kebo hike reminds me of a linnorm — a mossy Norse sort of dragon.

Crossed deadfalls with boulder (B&W)
There were a lot of downed trees last year. I couldn't've framed this better if I'd knocked them down myself.

Cedar Swamp Mountain summit
The summit of Cedar Swamp Mountain.

Birch Spring
The Birch Spring was secluded and mossy and one of our favorite discoveries.

Signpost and roots
The path up out of the Birch Spring.

Purple pinecones
Tiny purple pinecones!

Makeshift dam
This tree turned a corner and dammed up a still little pool.

Bar Island under clouds
Clouds over Bar Island.

Saint Saviour's interior
The interior of Saint Saviour's Church.

Trail beside the road
Climbing toward the summit of Cadillac, the road passes close to the North Ridge Trail.

Kendra steps off the world
Kendra steps off the world.

Cliff face
A cliff face on the Gorge Path.

Kendra of the woods
Kendra overlooking a peaceful pool.

Kendra versus rock
Kendra consults the Rock Loa.

Gorge Path waterfall
Waterfall on the much-maligned Gorge Path.

Pools and waterfalls on the Gorge Path
...and a series of cascades.

Through the tall pines
Once the rocks give out, the Gorge Path heads into tall pines.

Knit-cap mushroom
This mushroom is wearing a tiny knit cap!
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