April 7th, 2013


The House on the Corner

We're likely to make an offer on a house today.

It's the second floor of a big house on Boylston Street in Watertown, just a block off Mount Auburn St. It's a triangular corner lot, with two good-size trees and a sloping yard with plenty of room for gardening. There's a junior high school across the street; that might be loud at certain times of day, but it's likely to be dead quiet at night.

The living room has a fireplace; the dining room has a lovely built-in cabinet; the tiny office that will, we hope, be mine has floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelves on one wall, a door to the front porch on another, and a Star Wars bumper sticker pinned to a third. The bedrooms are not huge, but they're adequate. There are plenty of closets. It's in fabulous shape.

A tenth of a mile north is the 71 bus to Harvard Square; a quarter mile south is the 70 to Central. It's a mile closer to my work and to Davis, and 3.5 miles from BC, compared to the 2 miles K. is used to, which is not bad. It's two miles closer to the start of the Minuteman bike path, and moments from the start of the (in progress) Watertown Branch Rail Trail that will one day, I hope, take me right to it. And it's in a neighborhood we're actually excited about, dotted with legitimately nice restaurants and soaked in Armenian culture. (My Shop Vac misgivings of the previous post do not apply.) We'll have four varieties of fresh feta, five varieties of lentils, and all the baklava we can eat in any of the three Armenian groceries 3/4 mile down the road. Whitebread suburbia it ain't.

The downstairs neighbor is a single woman, who may or may not have a girlfriend.

There are even cat doors built into some of the doors.

The downsides are few: it's single level again, though the layout mitigates noise issues. It's a fairly hideous shade of mint chocolate chip green. Some of the interior walls are an even worse shade of green; we would have to paint those. The kitchen cabinets are a little...crafty, though the walk-in pantry forgives a multitude of sins. And it's near (but not at) the top of our price range.

We both reeeally like it.

We're going to meet our realtor there tomorrow afternoon, and if we still both reeeally like it we enter into a whole new stage of drama: making an offer and hoping it's accepted. They're only taking offers until Sunday evening; presumably it won't take long to hear. But that presumably also means they're expecting to have their pick of offers after a single weekend of showings.

May the Force be with us.
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