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Ups and downs

For the 4th, we had a very nice time in Deb's and Charles' backyard, eating burgers and watermelon and amazing gooey brownies. Guests included Michael and Lisa (with David), Josh and Amy (with Junie and Quentin), Chaos, Ruth and Gavin, fiddler friend Catherine and her husband (with daughter), a couple of people we didn't know who'd just come back from Pinewoods, and more. Catherine's husband taught me a party trick with two corks that I am looking forward to confounding people with.

Kendra and I biked there, about 8 miles each way. Deb and Charles live at the top of a very tall, very steep hill in Arlington, about a mile from the Minuteman. After we left, we got as far as the Minuteman (at the bottom of the very tall, very steep hill) before I realized I'd forgotten my Camelbak. I need it for Pinewoods, and we're leaving Friday morning, so there was nothing for it but to hop back on my bike, turn around, and go back up the very tall, very steep hill. (Kendra continued on to Spy Pond to wait for me.) I share this so I can share the elevation plot for this trip, which I found amusing. See if you can spot where I realized I'd forgotten my backpack!
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