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I had a bad feeling about this

Take Star Wars. Chop it into 500 fifteen-second chunks. Give each chunk to an amateur filmmaker to remake, by any means necessary. Reassemble the chunks, add John Williams's score back in, and screen that mother.

That's Star Wars: Uncut, which had its New England premiere at the Brattle tonight. It uses action figures, Lego minifigs, computer animation, traditional animation, pencil sketches, cats, dogs, ferrets, terrible costumes, excellent costumes, excellent terrible costumes, puppets, adorable children, greenscreening, machinima, rotoscoping, repurposed footage, shop vacs, stop motion, fast motion, slow motion, no motion, instant messaging, an Oscar statuette, a hamburger, and My Little Ponies. It was amazing.

Two problems: one, among the five hundred, there were half a dozen scenes from asshole hipsters who think poop jokes and cheap drag are hi-larious. And two, they used the Special Edition (*ptooie*), not the original theatrical release. But even an extraneous Jabba scene couldn't sink the buoyant creativity and resourcefulness on display; I was grinning for two hours straight. If it comes to a theater near you, don't miss it. If it doesn't, you can watch it, the whole thing or one chunk at a time, at the link above.

(Important note: They're going to open submissions for Empire in a few months.)
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