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I'm for Obama, and so can you

Via John Hodgman, this is a pretty damn moving video:
Why am I an Obamaman? Because I don't want our leadership rolls to read Bush-Clinton-Clinton-Bush-Bush-Clinton-Clinton. Because, while Clinton is a fierce and noble woman, who is no doubt ready to burrow into the Washington machine and make it work effectively for her and for us, I kinda want someone who doesn't already have a ready-made socket to plug into in Washington. Clinton would probably get more done, in terms of bills and appointments and scratch-my-backs, and if she's elected let the conservatives cower — but only Obama, I think, can repair our national image. Only Obama can repudiate the past.

I want someone who is inspiring, who is eloquent, who makes me excited, using only words, about our country again. I want someone who makes me look forward to what our country can be in the future, not look back to what it was ten years ago. I want someone who can show a new face to the world and say, "We have turned a page."

(And I want John Edwards for AG.)

Anyway, whether you've caught Obamamania or not, the key thing here is (and I'm sure I don't need to tell you this), vote.
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